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Dr Caroline Wood
Integrative Veterinarian

Integrating Western Herbal Veterinary Medicine & other

holistic therapies with Contemporary Veterinary Medicine

to bring out the best in your pets

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Meet Dr Caroline

I'm passionate about treating the whole animal, rather than merely alleviating symptoms, and developing a customised approached to health care. Through integrating contemporary veterinary medicine with naturopathic remedies, personalised herbal formulas, lifestyle advice, and targeted nutritional support, my goal is to help your pet live their best life and achieve optimal wellbeing.

Dr Caroline the Vet

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Common Health Concerns

I offer consultations on a wide range of conditions affecting dogs, cats, & rabbits. Whether your aim is to use herbal medicine to complement your pet's treatment plan or to replace traditional medicine, I will discuss your goals and preferences with you.

My aim is to empower your own knowledge & involvement in your pet's health care.

Allergies & Skin Conditions


Hormonal Imbalances, including Cushing's Disease



Stress & Anxiety

Second Opinion Consultations



Arthritis & Joint


Cognitive Decline (Dementia)

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