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My Story

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I grew up on the Northern Beaches and have been interested in healthcare my entire life, as the daughter of two general practitioners, though my love of animals led me to veterinary medicine rather than human medicine. I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 and have been practicing as a small animal veterinarian ever since, and the owner of Aubreen Veterinary Hospital since 2015. I obtain great joy from helping families enhance their pets' vitality and navigate through life's health challenges.


I have always been interested in holistic health care, and have an open mind to explore any treatment modality that may assist a patient. When my family's Labrador, Johnny, was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the kidney when he was just 5 years old, I looked beyond the limited information available for his healthcare and explored all options available. The combination of specialist care from his oncology team at SASH and holistic care from senior integrative veterinarians inspired me to begin encompassing different treatment modalities into the healthcare plans of my own patients. 

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I am passionate about lifestyle and diet modification to improve overall health & wellbeing. I utilise herbal tonics to boost immune system function, provide bodywide anti-inflammatory action, soothe the nervous system, improve the microbiome, improve circulation, boost vitality, and to either work synergistically or in place of conventional medicine. A strong, healthy body with a happy mind is the best defence against illness, and the cornerstone of coping with the busy lives our modern pets live. It is also the key to a robust immune system and assists in minimising the side effects of conventional veterinary medicine.

Empowering pet owners in the decision making process for their pet's health is an essential part of my treatment plan, as is discussing all options available to customise an holistic health care plan. This ethos extends through the entire team of veterinarians & veterinary nurses at Aubreen Veterinary Hospital, as we work with you to offer a complete wellbeing package for your pet.

Some Quick Facts

  • I am a member of the following associations: 
    - The Australian Veterinary Association
    - The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies
    - The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association
    - The International Society of Feline Medicine

  • I am currently completing a Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine through the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies to expand my knowledge and formalise my training

  • I have two geriatric cats, Benjamin & Susan, and a young Welsh Cardigan Corgi, Freddie

  • I love cooking, and browsing through recipes, and have more cookbooks than any one person should reasonably own

  • I squash as many edible plants & trees into my own garden as possible. I have apple, orange, lychee, lime, lemon, banana, and fig trees, along with many herbs and edible blooms, and medicinal plants.

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